Velvet Shoe Care

Velvet Shoe Care

Velvet shoes are probably one of the most practical and beautiful style items in menswear. Any man who has a pair of velvet shoes can count on them to style up his outfits and take them to a whole new level.

In the fabrics world, velvet is a very rich and elegant material. It has depth and is very smooth and therefore, anything that has a good design and is made from velvet is a great item.

However, the downside to velvet in general and velvet shoes in particular is that they are quite hard to maintain. Because they are a bit pretentious, it’s hard to wear them in any condition. While they might be versatile in the sense that they go with a wide variety of outfits and are therefore suited in many social contexts, they are not very versatile when it comes to conditions. Velvet shoes are best to be worn inside, as outside conditions can make them go bad quite quickly.

But you can’t always have what you want and sometimes your velvet shoes will suffer because of dust, dirt, snow or other things.

This is when knowing a few tricks on cleaning them might come in handy.


22606-345ef0.jpegThey say that prevention is the best cure. This is why, before wearing your velvet shoes, you should treat them with a stain and water protector spray. Make sure the spray is right for your shoes in particular, as otherwise you will risk ruining them.

Also, even if you use a protection spray, you should do your best not to walk in the rain in velvet shoes, as they might get damaged anyway. Protective spray is used to make them easier to clean.

Removing dust

22826-5ad2fb.jpegIf you get a bit of dust on your velvet shoes you can do some basic cleaning by wiping it away with a dry cloth. You can also use a soft shoe brush (with emphasis on soft) as an alternative. Move it carefully over the shoes in one direction. This way, you will not bring any damage to the fabric.

Washing stains

Use a mix of mild dish detergent and water to remove small stains. Use a soft toothbrush and apply the mixture to the shoes in very small amounts. Meanwhile, do your best to keep the shoes dry. Scrub the mark with the toothbrush, and then let it sit for a few minutes and only then wipe it away. If the stain persists, repeat the process.

For best results, we recommend using a natural, soft detergent.

Additional information

As an additional piece of information, you should always remember that if a mark or stain is too big or deep, you should probably take them to a professional shoe cleaner. These might be hard to find in smaller cities, but they might help if you can find a good one.

While you must always be careful of how and when you wear your velvet shoes (avoid rain, avoid snow, avoid dirt, dust and everything else), velvet shoes can make for a wonderful sartorial companion that will style up your looks in no time. You can dress them up and down and wear them both casually and in dressier settings.

Velvet shoes make for a wonderful addition to any man or woman’s wardrobe, so we definitely recommend investing in a pair if you want to be very stylish and enjoy them as much as we do.
Maintaining them properly will help you enjoy your shoes for a longer time and can bring you many good sartorial moments.


Suede Shoes

Suede Shoes

Suede shoes can be very suave, but looking after them can be a nightmare especially under terrible weather conditions. This is why it’s best to invest in a silicone-based suede protector spray in the best colour match to your shoes, this way you can ensure that your suede shoes are made weather proof. Spray the suede protector on the suede upper parts of the shoe and leave to air dry and absorb the product overnight, this way you can enjoy your shoes come rain or sunshine.

How to Polish Suede Shoes

Suede is a bit different from leather and doesn’t need polishing as much as it needs cleaning. There are 3 simple steps when it comes to cleaning suede

  • Use a suede brush to removed any debris of dirt that may have built up on the shoe. After you have done this use the rubber bristled side of your brush and give the suede a buff. (remember if the suede is wet allow the shoes to dry before cleaning to avoid rubbing in stains)
  • Use a suede protector spray and spray all over the shoe and allow to dry. Take care not to over soak the shoe!
  • To keep your suede in good shape make sure not to wear it in conditions such as rainy and snowy weather, and be weary that hot, humid weather is not ideal for suede too.
  • However if you don’t have the time for any of the above you can always visit you local shoe shine stand, and let someone else do it for you.

Storing Your Shoes

Storing your shoes

How you store your shoes can also help keep them in good condition and of course make them last longer. So as a general rule of thumb we have compiled a list of shoe storage hacks for you to take note.

Leathers– When it comes to your leathers, it’s best to keep your leather shoes stored in shoe bags. This way they won’t scratch, they’re safe from dust and kept away from light that can damage leather. Also, plastic bags ensure that your leather shoes retain their moisture preventing them from drying out.

Suede– Suede shoes are best stored out in the open where they can get fresh air as unlike other types of shoes, suede shoes need air so they can breathe.

Trainers – The best way to store your sports shoes and trainers is to keep them stuffed with paper or acid-free newspaper to help them keep their shape and absorb any excess sweat. Be careful of using paper with prints/text on them so that the ink doesn’t transfer onto your shoes.

Why Loafers

The Loafer

Recognizable by its slip on/non-lace-up style, is one of the most popular men’s formal or casual shoes out there. The LOAFER has many different variations, with the most common being the Penny, Slipper, Driving and the Tassel loafer.  Added to this, they come in suede or leather, making them the perfect shoe for both formal and smart-casual occasions. Invest in a pair of these and you won’t turn back as they’re sure to be some of the most comfortable shoes you own …. FACT!!!
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