Storing Your Shoes

Storing your shoes

How you store your shoes can also help keep them in good condition and of course make them last longer. So as a general rule of thumb we have compiled a list of shoe storage hacks for you to take note.

Leathers– When it comes to your leathers, it’s best to keep your leather shoes stored in shoe bags. This way they won’t scratch, they’re safe from dust and kept away from light that can damage leather. Also, plastic bags ensure that your leather shoes retain their moisture preventing them from drying out.

Suede– Suede shoes are best stored out in the open where they can get fresh air as unlike other types of shoes, suede shoes need air so they can breathe.

Trainers – The best way to store your sports shoes and trainers is to keep them stuffed with paper or acid-free newspaper to help them keep their shape and absorb any excess sweat. Be careful of using paper with prints/text on them so that the ink doesn’t transfer onto your shoes.

Why Loafers

The Loafer

Recognizable by its slip on/non-lace-up style, is one of the most popular men’s formal or casual shoes out there. The LOAFER has many different variations, with the most common being the Penny, Slipper, Driving and the Tassel loafer.  Added to this, they come in suede or leather, making them the perfect shoe for both formal and smart-casual occasions. Invest in a pair of these and you won’t turn back as they’re sure to be some of the most comfortable shoes you own …. FACT!!!
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